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New Hampshire Homes on Rokon

We were recently featured in an article about Rokon: The World's Most All-Terrain Vehicle. If you're interested in New Hampshire Real Estate, check out some of what they have to offer for Rochester, NH Real Estate.

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Rokon Across America: Update From the Road

Randy's trip across America on a Rokon continues! Check out where he is now!

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Rokon Across America: Departure Day

Rokon Across America, the first-ever cross country trip on a Rokon by Randy Tefft, departed today. Follow his progress here! 

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Rokon Across America

Ever dreamed of riding a Rokon across America? Randy is about to do it on an all-new Rokon Ranger! Read more to learn about his epic journey!

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Rokons on MotorWeek

"Chip's Winter Ride", a documentary about Rokon enthusiasts gathering at host Chip Austin's farm in Sanford, Maine, will premiere as part of MotorWeek later this month.

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Rokon in Reno

Randy in Reno sent us this shot from a recent hunt. Here's a bit of what Randy had to say about the trip...

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This Year's Hunt

Joe in California sent us this photo after his annual hunt!

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Rokon Ralston Review

Tim Ralston, survival gear expert and spokesman for NatGeo's Doomsday Preppers, field tests the Rokon!

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