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A ROKON handles differently from other two wheeled motorcycles, a collision or fall can occur if you fail to take proper precautions or ride in terrain and conditions that exceed your abilities.

SEVERE INJURY OR DEATH can result if you do not follow these instructions:

- Read the manual and all warning labels.

- Never operate this machine in areas that exceed your capabilities as a rider.

- Children under 16 years of age should not operate this vehicle.

- Do not operate your ROKON on a public roadway or street unless it is designed to do so.

- Never operate a ROKON without wearing an approved motorcycle helmet that properly fits you. You should also wear boots, eye protection, long pants and a long sleeve shirt.

- Never operate a ROKON under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

- Never operate a ROKON at speeds that exceed your abilities or that are inappropriate for the terrain you are riding in.

- DO NOT attempt jumps, wheelies, or other stunts.

- Always inspect your ROKON each time you use it to make sure it is in safe operating condition.

- NEVER leave your ROKON in gear when you are not seated on it or when it is unattended.

- Keep both hands on the handlebars at all times during operation, keep feet on foot peg cleats while moving unless they are required to keep you upright while stationary or moving slowly.

- Ride slowly and use extra caution when operating in unfamiliar terrain.

- Do not operate in excessively rough, loose or slippery conditions until you attain the skills necessary to control the ROKON in such terrain.

- Never operate the ROKON on hills too steep for the machine or your abilities. Practice on smaller hills and inclines first.

- ROKON brakes function independently from one another; as such the majority of braking must be done with the front. Excessive rear braking can result in loss of control. Familiarize yourself with proper braking pressures to allow reasonable stopping distance without locking/skidding the rear tire.

- Follow proper procedures for descending hills; never go downhill at high speeds.

- Never operate the ROKON in fast flowing water or in water that exceeds recommended fording depth. (See section 10 of Manual)

- Maintain proper tire pressures as described in this manual.

- DO NOT exceed stated load capacities for your ROKON. Always secure cargo prior to riding, allow for additional braking distance as gross vehicle weight increases.

- Never attempt to change speed ranges while in motion or while the engine is above idle speed.

- Always make sure your ROKON is in Neutral prior to starting.

- DO NOT attempt to adjust factory settings to idle speed, belt tension/torque converter or brake system without being advised to by a ROKON factory representative.

- DO NOT refuel your ROKON while it is running or hot from riding.

- Use caution while refueling; avoid spilling fuel on hot exhaust pipes or heat shields.

- Keep your ROKON away from heat sources or open flames while refueling.

- Ground all fueling equipment prior to refueling your ROKON.

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